Short Sale Update

Look at my beautiful townhouse... well, I say "my" rather loosely. It's not mine... yet. We've received an update that the bank thinks the townhouse is worth more than it appraised for (I actually agree, but I wasn't going to question a lower sales price!) so now the bank and my lender are having to negotiate and compromise on a sale price. They're both looking at where they got their comparables, and they will go from there. Once they agree on a price, there's not much left to do but iron out the paperwork.

We're hoping that within the month we'll know a sale price and a move in date. We are just hoping the bank and lender actually agree on a price so that we can get a mortgage for the right amount. That's my biggest worry.

It's not ideal - who knows if we'll be able to be moved in and set up before the baby comes. However, I'll take this house any way and at any time I can get it!

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  1. Well, I guess it's progress, but I'm sure it's still beyond frustrating. Hang in there!