The Beach, Days 4, 5 and 6

Well, since I'm stuck in bed for a while I might as well update on the days I've missed. I won't be able to keep them straight but I can at least attempt to recap most of the details.

I did manage to get Brody over to the ocean, as well as Adam! So, for our week long trip Adam saw the beach once. He did however finally admit and say out loud that he does not like the ocean because he is afraid of it, the "creepy crawlers", etc. Brody has walked over just past the dunes with me a few times but I finally got him to sit and play with the sand. He seemed to like it but never wanted to touch the water. Since I will be coming by myself in August (and he won't be able to stay home with Adam) this is encouraging and a great improvement. 

On Wednesday (Day4) I finally had some Duck Donuts. It was also my turn to cook - the usual pulled pork sandwiches and potato salad. I prepared most everything in the morning after I put in my meat to cook all day, so I was able to be outside and still enjoy the day.

We went over to the ocean before the men went to play golf. Jared had brought a skim board and after seeing lots of guys on the beach give it a try, brought one over. It wasn't super successful and he got cut up a little bit. Still, it's fun that after 28 something years we can still find new things to try and to make the trip different.

On Thursday, I woke up and my sisters were wanting to go to the thrift store. Unfortunately we have been pretty tight on money this trip, having paid the mortgage right before we came, car repairs and buying groceries and everything we needed for the trip. I love going to the thrift store but knew I didn't want to put anything on a credit card or just go and buy only $20 worth. Knowing I can come in August made it easy to skip the trip as well.

I ended up having an awesome afternoon at the beach with my mom and brothers. We came home and swam at the pool and I had it almost to myself for quite a while. Brody swam for a while with me as well. The girls were gone for at least 4 hours, so I was even more glad I opted to stay home!

That night we had a horrible thunderstorm. Nobody slept very good and Brody woke up really scared and had to sleep with Adam the rest of the night.

Yesterday, Friday, Day 6, Adam and I went out to lunch. We love crab legs and they just taste so much better down here. We shared 1.5 pounds of crab legs and a side of fries and were back home in probably 30 minutes, 45 minutes tops. I didn't want to put my mom out for very long watching Brody so it will worked out perfect. I put on my suit and got in the pool with Brody before eventually heading over to the ocean for a little bit after he was done. 

After dinner I went on a bike ride with Brody and my mom. When we got back he wasn't quite done so we went for a long walk. I love that alone time I get with my mom. We came home and there wasn't a ton of argument around 9 for both our kids to go to bed. Staying up late and all the fun with the cousins was catching up to them. We let them play devices for a little bit but even Autumn said "I'm done" and fell asleep really fast. Brody did the same. These are the best nights!

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