Prepping Brody's Room

Baby preparations are underway! As you can see from our subject of this post we have a name for our little guy - Brody Anderson Brewer. We came up with Brody shortly after we became "The Brewers" and Anderson is my mom's maiden name. =)

I had been struggling with the baby's sleeping situation for months now. Our home is 3 bedrooms. Our 3rd and "spare room" has been a storage closet for random items and a guest room. Well, aside from the occasional need to escape my husband's snoring, the bed had only been used by one guest - Adam's brother. While I hated the idea of putting our super comfy bed into our basement storage room, I just couldn't make peace with living as a 2 bedroom family in a 3 bedroom house. So, off to the storage room the bed went!

Now, this post is epic on many levels - not only did I finally decide on a solution and stick with it, but I relinquished control of the painting of the room. Sadly, ladders, cathedral ceilings and a pregnant belly don't mix. Even worse, I actually really like painting! Adam was a good sport about the whole thing and while he may not admit it, I think he enjoyed watching me squirm a little bit and have to relinquish some control. I have to give him credit - he did a great job, worked quick, and even humored me with my few "tips" here and there. Just a few, I swear! We both made great progress in our marriage with this project =)

 After a ton of debating, I finally decided on a color - wait for it - TAN! I know, I'm so ballsy. See, I had all sorts of ideas. Navy, with a Thunderbirds theme (my Dad flew for them). Some wide board and batten perhaps? Then I thought about chevron stripes and a gray/yellow theme... Then I got realistic; I am 5+ months pregnant. In an effort to keep the room neutral for future endeavors and save on paint, we used the remaining paint from when I painted the whole house before we moved in. Adam had primed the room during that initial phase, so it was a quick job! With one more coat to go, the room should be done and I can paint all of the trim and doors.

Autumn was such a champ through the whole process! She was so good and never got in Adam's way or wanted to add her "artistic touch" to the walls. She played outside most of the day and we went to run a few errands to let Daddy do his thing in peace!

I am so excited to get things organized and moved into this little guy's room. With Autumn, I had tubs and tubs of clothes thrown at me (to which I still go "shopping in" as she gets older - sister in laws are the best!!) and with Brody, I am on my own! Once we start moving in his things I can see where I am at and what I need to be shopping the clearance racks for next.

Additionally, I have a lot more tricks up my sleeve for the room. Here are just a few:

Stay tuned! =)

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  1. Looks great! I can't wait to see it all decorated. Contests on having a boy, they're so fun!