The Beach, Day 3

Today I managed to keep Autumn asleep and in the room until at least 8 and Brody woke up a little after 9. Unfortunately I woke up with a pretty awful headache. What kind of week is it at the beach when you haven't even had Duck Donuts by the third day?!

Today is probably the hottest day it will be all week, and while everyone made talk of that, it really wasn't too bad with the ocean breeze and if you were lounging in the pool or had the ocean water on your feet. We all went over to the beach after breakfast and the kids all got in and did some boogie boarding. It was pretty choppy,so although Autumn wanted to go in, she just ran in the water that would wash up on the sand and built a castle. I took pictures almost the entire time. 

We came back to the house and we all played in the pool and that's where I found Brody and Adam. Lunch started making its way down, and I offered to grill hot dogs. My sister in law brought me everything we would need for lunch and I grilled up dogs for everyone. I stayed by the pool after everyone went in, including Autumn who was tired of swimming, and Brody and Adam who went inside to watch a movie and rest. I stayed out for a few hours, especially when it was just the moms and we had the pool to ourselves. We just talked and floated around. Perhaps a meeting of the "Best Mom's Ever Club". We are card carrying members after all.

I came inside and got dressed and when I found Adam he told me he had been throwing up and having the trots all day. I had no idea and felt horrible he didn't come get me to watch Brody while I was just lounging outside. He spent most of the night sick, skipping dinner. I took the kids to the pool after dinner while all but two of the cousins went to a free baseball game with the dads. By that time it was much cooler outside and a nice night for it.

I brought the kids in and helped get them ready for bed. Adam laid down with both kids and I went to the store with my mom to get all of the things that I would need for my dinner tomorrow. I will be glad to have my meal over with!

Here's to hoping I don't get whatever bug Adam had!

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