The Beach, Day 7

Well, today started off rough but it ended great.

Around 7am I woke up and just felt awful. I could tell I was gonna be sick but I kept trying to talk myself out of it. I got up and ended up throwing up a bit. I immediately crawled into the shower and tried to relax myself. It's also very hard to be sick when there are 3 other people in your small room trying to sleep.

Luckily, both kids slept until almost 10. I was able to rest and lay down and knock on wood, haven't thrown up since. I was a bit tired the rest of the day and tried to take it easy. I avoided food most of the day. The cousins played quite a bit in the pool. They play this game called "tee" that involves jumping into the pool and grabbing for a golf tee, but if you don't get it in one hand in your first jump you have to get out of the pool and try again. It is quite entertaining to watch, I must say!

We went over to the beach one last time this morning. We couldn't have asked for better weather all week. Sure the temps were high but it didn't feel like it. We never needed shade at the beach and I never sat there or at the pool miserable because I was hot.

So this year skim boarding was the big new thing we all tried. Even I gave it a whirl. It looks way easier than it really is. I fell pretty hard and scraped up my knees a bit and they feel bruised if I kneel down. I don't think I'll be attempting it again...

After some time at the pool with Autumn, my sister in laws put on "The Amazing Race". They really put in a ton of work (they planned it all on my cooking day so I wasn't involved much in the planning) and it was a lot of fun. Even Autumn was able to participate. They did 4 groups of 4 and the teams were random and really managed to divide up the different age groups pretty well. Autumn's team came in 3rd out of 4th, but she didn't pull them down. 

After the race we all pulled out the leftovers and made a spread of everything that was left, and that's what was for dinner. After dinner I packed up our room and loaded a few things into the car. Hoping that makes the morning run a bit more smooth. We ended up all sitting around the TV watching Despicible Me. At about 10 I brought my kids down to bed. They both insisted on laying with me on a twin size bed while they watched Home, and they each fell asleep.

Even though they went to bed super late, they were both so amazing this week. No meltdowns and they got along great with all the cousins. It really was a fantastic week.

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