The Beach, Day 2

I am exhausted! It was a great day up until I had the great idea to take Brody for a bike ride. We have the carrier that attaches to the back of the bike as a seat, vs a trailer that I pull. Except that my mom bought a new seat, and decided it would be best to assemble at the beach. Well.... What I thought would take me a half hour ended up taking well over an hour and a half between horrible directions, nuts that you couldn't fasten without the bolt turning, having to redo the work because just when we thought we were done the gears hit the bars... It was 92 and humid outside. So much for my shower!

This morning we woke up and went out to the pool. It seemed like Brody was back and forth to the pool all day. Adam stayed in all day for the most part, except for watching Brody here and there. We did eventually go over to the ocean. My mom myself and Autumn went over and planned to just stay and let Autumn catch some shells. However when we got there, unlike this morning, lots of people were in the water and it was the clearest I have ever seen it. My mom walked back home and told everyone, and soon just about everyone came over. We all went in the water and lived to see another today. Tomorrow I might also live on the edge and eat some raw cookie dough.

Autumn definitely showed signs of waking up too early and getting to stay up late the night before. It didn't help she was outside literally all day in the sun, and swam her little heart out. Still, she couldn't have been much worse. I will be so gosh darn glad when this "I want pancakes" for every meal phase is over. Brody ended up falling asleep on the couch around 4 and slept through dinner and even most of the chaos around him.

I'm sad today ended on kind of a down note with the tired kids and exhausting bike seat assembly. It was an otherwise pretty good day. I am sad that two whole days have gone by!

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