The Beach, Day 1

It was a great first day. Even despite all of the craziness! 

Last night, before we were to leave we had horrible rain come through. Lots of lightning, flood watches, even tornado warnings. It made packing up the cars to get a head start on the morning a non-starter. We were able to pile just about everything in the office so when it came time to go in the morning, it didn't take all that long to pack up the van. And let me tell you, the van is a lifesaver! We had so much room this year for everything.

The trip down was definitely eventful. Luckily, we didn't run into any traffic. Nothing! Not even where we usually turn on the one main road towards the city we stay in. We made great time and ended up being 2nd of the 5 cars driving down from VA. However, I got a call from my mom that the tire on Dad's truck completely shredded and exploded on the long bridge around VA beach. Luckily it didn't explode in the tunnel and luckily it was a back tire and my mom didn't lose control of the truck. 

Once they made it over the bridge they pulled off the road. My brother turned around on the freeway to come back and help. I sent a message to my other brother who I knew was quite a way behind us and he also pulled up. It was a blessing, because he was towing a trailer for the first time and had plenty of room for the tire, rim and excess stuff from the tire change. My brothers helped my Dad change it really quick, and they were soon back on the road. The only problem is that the spare was old, and kind of cracked.

Then, we got another call that the the spare had a flat! We ended up sending back my brother and his trailer so we could empty out the truck, since it was being towed to be fixed. It all worked out, and what good sweet brothers I have. Unfortunately, not the best Father's Day for my Dad!

At dinner the topic of conversation quickly turned to all of the shark attacks that have been happening. It was a really funny conversation but everyone is a little on edge. My mom and I went for a walk with Brody over to the beach. He went further than usual but I think he's still warming up to the ocean. He loved the pool however!

After dinner, most of us walked over to the beach, as per tradition. Most of the big kids played a game of soccer while a few of us watched our kids gather shells near the water. Then, one of the many guys fishing caught a baby shark! I managed to run over there and had my camera with me and got some pretty good shots of it. Certainly didn't help our reservations about all of the shark attacks!

The kids went to bed really well. Autumn was absolutely exhausted. In our room there are two twin beds. Brody will sleep in a pack and play on the closet, and Autumn sleeps on the floor between mine and Adam's bed. We let the kids lay on our beds to go to sleep and this is the first year I let Brody lay on a bed. He fell asleep on it! Didn't leave the room, didn't get into any mischief. I'm so proud of my sweet little boy!

It's a great way to start the week and I am so grateful for these trips and my amazing family.

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