A few weeks ago we went camping for the first time this summer. I say "first time" because I hope to go again, but definitely after the temperatures have cooled down a bit. When we went however, the weather was perfect. No humidity, not hot - it was great!

My fire making skill are so superior, that my Dad didn't have time to capture the actual fire being made - just the aftermath! Brody loved the fire. To a fault. He burnt himself at least twice during the night, but amazingly didn't seem phased by it.  

We did hamburgers and hot dogs as usual, but my mom picked up some corn on the cob. I'm used to grilling it on our grill at home, and decided doing it in an open fire couldn't be that different. I winged it, and it came out delicious!

Brody loved going on walks around the camp. Nana always loves a walking buddy!

Hot dogs roasting... on an open fire...

Unfortunately, I did not get to stay the night. I had to work early in the morning and I just wouldn't have been able to make it work. Autumn stayed the night with Grandpa and the boys and had a blast, while Brody and I exited the park right before everyone went to bed. Brody passed out before I could get a mile down the road. Here's to hoping we can make another trip before school and we can stay the night!

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