My 29th Birthday

Happy birthday to me! One more year before I turn the big 3-0.

I woke up and took the kids to McDonalds for breakfast as a special treat and just when I thought I'd have both kids all day, my Dad called to see if he could pick up Autumn. Best Dad ever! He had talked about taking her to the park, but it was hotter than usual today so instead she tagged along on his errands and played with the cousins visiting for the weekend all day. It was so nice to have the afternoon to myself while Brody napped. I was able to run errands with just him and get dinner prepped so it was a very very nice gesture by my Dad.

Autumn ended up staying the night at my Mom's and for my birthday dinner we had some of our best friends down - Chance and Jenny. Chance went all out and brought some super yummy steaks that he'd marinated overnight and they were so, so good. I made a few of my BBQ staples and it was a really yummy dinner. When they wanted to get together I hesitated because I wouldn't have a sitter. They said they'd be more than happy to go out to eat with the kids, but I suggested to do something at the house here since then the kids could play or go to bed and we could talk and not have to rush home. It worked out perfectly. It was a good night with good friends!

Adam let me open one present since it was my actual birthday and we weren't celebrating with the family until a few days later. He got me the iPad case I'd really wanted and I was so excited. It was the one thing I really wanted for my birthday. It's got a fancy keyboard and it's a nice, solid case. 

You know, I was really anti-sharing my birthday with Brody when I was still pregnant. I LOVE that our birthdays are a little over a week apart. His birthday went on for almost a week because like mine, it hit and we celebrated on different days. Now that we're doing the same thing, it's like I have all weekend to celebrate. I love sharing it with my little guy. The next few years might be another story =)

On Monday, Adam took the day off of work to spend with me. We dropped the kids off at my parents and set out for a day together. Since there wasn't anything playing in theaters that I really wanted to see, instead we went out for lunch at Red Lobster and did a little bit of shopping around the mall. We came home and dinkered around the house a bit and just relaxed until it was time to head over to my mom's for cake and presents. 

We had a yummy dinner and my sister surprised me with one of her super yummy cakes. She makes the best frosting! I got a lot of really great and thoughtful gifts from my family. I'm grateful to have one more year before I leave the 20's behind - here's to making the most of it!

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