The doctor will see you now...

In another chapter of my fascinating saga that is motherhood, I had a doctor's appointment for both kiddos on Tuesday. It was time for Brody's year old well-baby check up and Autumn was in need of a physical as she starts preschool (!!) this year.

We looooove our doctor. My sister referred us to this office and we've really loved the doctors we've worked with and all the nurses. We see Dr. Michelangelo and she's the best!

Autumn is 32 pounds (55%), 40 inches tall (49%). That puts her in the "not too big, not too small" category and that is fine by me! After all, that worked for Goldilocks and she's got a whole book written about her.

Brody is 22.8 pounds (66%), 31 inches tall (86%). Yep - he's my tall boy! He obviously inherited both Dad's smile AND his height. The doctor was so impressed with how he's been growing. He's a solid little kid but the perfect size.

Both kids did great. Autumn's all clear for preschool and I can't wait! It's such a big step for her and for the phase of life in our family. I can't wait!

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  1. Haven't been over to look at your blog in awhile. Just enjoyed a few wonderful minutes catching up with your cute fam. :)