My first business trip!

This past August I "hit the big leagues" and went out on my first big business trip! This wasn't a personal trip I'd already been planning that I decided to throw some sessions onto - I was flown out specifically for a session with a family! All expenses paid by my clients! It was just a bonus that my clients lived in Utah, which gave me a chance to catch up and see some old friends while I was there. 

It was an awesome experience. Awesome, awesome. I love the family that flew me out to work with them. The session went great and I can't wait to finish working on their images. Until those are ready to share, here is a look at what I was up to in my downtime. I caught up with old friends, went by my "old" (I still do freelance) work, did some very necessary shopping and enjoyed my first trip away from the kids and Adam, and my first big business trip!

Away I go! I had a layover in Denver, but both flights were quick and painless!

That's Utah ground under my feet folks! I made it!

My best friend Kae picked me up from the airport and was kind enough to swing through the Betos drive thru on our way home that night. Man, did I miss this! I may or may not have gone back a 2nd time the few days I was there...

My best friend Kae!! I flew in on a Saturday and spent the first two days with her and her family until my hosts were ready for me. 

For dinner on Sunday, Kae and her family (100% Navajo Indians) made me genuine Navajo tacos, which they've told me us white folk made up. Still, they were so delicious! Sister Benally handmade the fry bread.

Before my shoot, I headed back to campus to visit the bookstore. It hasn't changed a ton, but they've made a lot of subtle improvements. UVU!! Woot.

I ate all my meals out, mostly because there were so many restraunts I miss in Utah! Los Hermanos and their amazing beef taquitos was one of those! It made a very yummy lunch.

My clients Ashli and Michael hooked me up with my own car for the week! It was great to be able to get around as needed. 

Another "must visit" was Tucanos. A brazillian steakhouse that we used to frequent a lot. There's one on the east coast now (2 hours way) that Adam and I haven't gotten to yet.

For lunch I was able to meet up and see some of Adam and I's best friends, Regan, Mike and Brandt. We spent many late nights out with these guys or up late raiding on Warcraft. Nerd alert.

I tried to make as many rounds as possible while I was there, but I never can see everyone. I did get a chance to see Stacy and Melanie, two of my favorite people!

Yup, more food. Burgers Supreme!

Love these girls!! Jilleun and Kelvin (taking the picture) were Adam and I's favorite doubling couple, but it wasn't unusual to find the 5 of us all hanging out as Kae joined us often. Unfortunately I didn't get to see them until my last night in town, so we were only able to catch a movie together before I had to get back.

Ashli! My awesome friend and client. She put me up, gave me a car and flew me all the way out to Utah just to photograph her super sweet family. Love her!

Time to go home! It was a great trip and it was great to see my old home and old friends, but it also made me appreciate how much my own little family is grown and our new home in Virginia.

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