The Beach - Day 2

The Beach - Day 2

I'm finding the evenings where I'm lying in bed while the kids drift off to sleep to be the best time to update with details of the trip. They're almost asleep, so here goes!

This morning Autumn woke up at 6:30 freaking AM. We kept telling her to go back to bed and just praying she wouldn't wake up Brody. Well, we did this a few more times, not realizing then it was almost 10! Opps.

We missed morning chaos upstairs and I headed over to the beach with Autumn while Adam and Brody stayed home. I took Autumn into the ocean with her floaties for a while but she was chilly so she ended up just playing on the sand with some of her cousins next to my mom.

My brothers found a sand bar (a random shallow area deeper out in the ocean) so we headed out there and caught some waves. Seriously - the beach to me is floating out there with them, catching a big wave... It's all about looking over and seeing we're all riding it together, with big smiles and feelings of accomplishment. It's what I thrive on every year.

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