The Beach - Day 1

I decided to chronicle the beach on our family blog by incorporating my journal entries with pictures from the trip! So, enjoy a day by day replay of our time at the beach! I know, suspenseful, as I'll try to space out the entries. Contain yourself.

Day 1, Sunday, June 23

We made it!

It was a decent trip down. I didn't wake up with a stomach ache or nausea, which is a great sign because I normally get very anxious before a trip. I got a little bit of a random stomach ache at the first rest stop we hit as a family caravan, but after some meds and popping half a Xanax I felt okay. Bless the makers of Xanax.

Adam was awesome and carried most everything in. I figure he's the man, why shouldn't he? I unpacked the room and got everything squared away organization wise.

Now, I was really nervous how we would all fit because our room is teeny tiny. It's a room with two twin beds and a small bathroom with a pedestal sink and stand up shower. I worked out that the pack and play fits perfect in the closet (it has accordion doors we keep open) and instead of pushing the twin beds together, we have Autumn on the floor in between them. We didn't really lose a ton of space this year with two kids and I really maximize the space we do have. 

Gosh, I love it here. 26 years coming to the came city and it does just feel like home. I took Autumn on a bike ride (it's super flat here) and she did great! We were able to really ride for a while. We also went to the beach with the cousins and she got to play in the sand for a bit while Adam stayed home with Brody. I took a super cute Instagram video, but it appears to have gotten eaten in the 'Processing' phase, which makes me really, really sad.

I'm also impressed so far how Adam and I have been tag teaming the kids. We're working well together. So far, so good.

As I write this, I'm lying in bed next to Autumn (who has finally fallen asleep at 10:30) and Brody who finally gave up in his crib. They've never shared a room, so this is going to be a loooooong week.

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