The Beach - Day 3

I can't believe the week will be almost halfway over tomorrow! How are we already to Wednesday?
This morning both kids slept until about 9. Brody would have slept longer if Autumn hadn't woken him up. We had a pancake breakfast and Autumn and I headed over to the beach shortly after. Today we took out the huge kayak that my mom rented for the week. Once you blocked out the part about going into the ocean really deep and what may be lurking under the water, it was really fun. My Dad and I went out together and we got really far out. It was really fun and a new adventure. Still finding new things to do after 26 years!

Autumn swam in the pool all afternoon. She didn't last long in the beach and complained it was too hot, but none of the kids stayed very long today. She got a little red, but she had a blast. We even moved up from floaties to just floating on a pool noodle. She's getting so big! While Autumn finished swimming and when Brody woke up, Adam and I got out for a few minute to pick up all the groceries we needed for our meal tomorrow.

After dinner I took my time getting the kids ready for family pictures. Getting ready was easy and not stressful, but boy, they sure didn't want to cooperate. Brody, who is normally the happiest kid ever, just cried and cried. It was so unlike him! We realized we should have fed him a bottle (he had just eaten dinner though) and he was just too tired. Oh - and he apparently hates the sand and the ocean.  Autumn was kind of the same, too tired, and she's not very cooperative for pictures despite having a photographer mom. We didn't really get anything great, but I'll see if an can get a few keepers when we get home.

The kids were so exhausted from swimming all day and just constantly being on the go. After pictures we put Brody in pajamas and Adam fed him while he fell asleep. I took Autumn upstairs where she laid on my parents bed and fell asleep. Getting them to bed early (their normal times) will hopefully make a big difference tomorrow!


  1. Your family picture sesh sounds EXACTLY like ours!

    That pic of Autumn in the purple glasses is so fab!

    And any picture of Brody smiling melts my heart.

    I'm afraid of the bedtime ordeal when we go. We've also got the 4 of us in a tiny room with two twin beds. Yeah...

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