The Powder Bandit Strikes Again

Back around Thanksgiving, Autumn got into the powder, yet again. I don't remember exactly what happened since it was so long ago (yikes, I gotta get back on the blogging bandwagon). I just remember rolling over in bed and staring at me was my daughter, white as a ghost and buck naked.

"Mommy, I made a mess!"

That she did. She emptied out an ENTIRE new bottle of baby powder, which was not your normal sized bottle. Oh no, I thought I was being economical and had bought the jumbo size. I wasn't mad, I just couldn't believe how funny she looked and how this was going to totally jack up my vacuum. I had to gather up scoopfuls before I could even attempt to vacuum anyway.

To this day, over a month later, I can still smell the powder in my rug and carpet when I lay in the floor. I love the smell of powder, but in that concentration I had a horrible headache for days. My family room is still somewhat covered in a cloud of dust - so don't judge me if you stop by ;)

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