Ho, Ho, Ho

This year I was asked if I would be interested in doing pictures with Santa at our Church Christmas party. I was up for the challenge, but a little nervous since I have never done studio (or indoor) lighting setups. I did lots of research on Google and just WENT FOR IT. I thought it turned out really good for my first time.

I went to the church the night before the party to setup and practice my lighting, as well as mark where all my equipment was and make some aisles out of the room to keep everyone neat and organized while they waited their turn. Autumn was a great helper, and even a model at some point. Unfortunately however, she didn't want a thing to do with Santa when it was the real deal:

Yep, that would be grandpa carrying a terrified Autumn out of the way so others in line could go. Oh well! We tried again a little later while Grandpa manned my camera, and leaning in near Santa was about as good as we got. Humbug.

It was Brody who was happy to sit on the big guy's lap! He was first in line while I did a few test shots with Santa before everyone entered the "studio". Nana got some great smiles and we captured this gem:

I love my little guy! He's just so happy go lucky with his chubby cheeks!

Overall, the pictures came out well and I was so pleased after I stressed and tried to learn as much as I could about how to work an umbrella with my flash. It was a relief to have it over, but I was glad I was able to share my talents with friends from church!

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