Thanksgiving 2012

Wow, I really am behind!

Thanksgiving has long come and gone but I still wanted to share these pictures. It was another great week with family in town. Autumn loved having her cousins around, even if she did mix up their names every now and then.

With so many people at Thanksgiving, we tried taking shifts this year and feeding the kids first. It kind of worked. I don't know - I think with this many people anything we do it going to be chaotic. Just when the adults sit down the kids are asking for seconds or it turns into a free for all. If you want a roll - you better get it fast! =)

Autumn pantless was a sight we saw often that week. She has been in a big phase of taking off her clothes but especially her pants. 

This was probably one of the quietest Thanksgiving Days on record. The kids were all glued to their Kindles, iPods and toys playing "Minecraft". They huddled in this position (near the power cord) for hours. And hours.

Ah, I sight I always love to see after the meal, the Mattingley men cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes. Adam would have helped - but he was last in line for his Thanksgiving dinner and ate alone. Sad day.

 After the meal, we all kind of dispersed around the house to let the food settle. Some of us took naps (like Monique) and others hopped online to shop the early Black Friday deals or map out our plans for that night.

 Alyssa was a great babysitter all week, taking great care of Brody and Autumn. I kept reassuring her she could give him back/shoo her away whenever she needed a break, but she was always happy to entertain the little ones. It's a shame she lives so far away!

Aunt Karen couldn't let Alyssa have all the fun! One night I couldn't find Autumn and found her snug in Karen's lap reading sleeping beauty. They read quite a few books that night. It was too cute I couldn't help but sneak a quick picture!

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  1. Well my favorite is the one of me and Autumn, of course. Monique asleep on the couch is a close second. =) I didn't get my camera out at all - maybe you can put these somewhere so I can download them!?