Easter Sunday

Can you believe this is what Autumn looked like last year at this time? Last Easter she was just learning how to roll over at 6 months old. This year she was 18 months and running and talking non-stop! We had a small goodie basket for her Easter morning filled with eggs (left over from the Easter Egg Hunt with the cousins - a post soon to come), candy, a Sesame Street board book and a piggy from Nana. The basket doubles as her sand bucket for the beach in a few weeks!

Excuse the diaper and hair. She'd soaked through her onesie and pulled out all of her sponge curlers sometime in the night. I was devastated her hair wouldn't be super curly for her pretty dress!

That's my girl - straight for the book! She loves these inexpensive books from the $1 Spot at Target. It is what I keep in the car to keep her contented when we're leaving Nana's house.

Her beautiful Easter dress! My Aunt Sue bought this dress for her months and months ago, perhaps even last Easter. I've saved it all this time and was so excited for her to wear it!

I managed to put a few curls in with the curling iron as you can see.

I tried desperately to get some cute pics with her, but she was way more interested in running outside than taking pictures with and for me. What can I say, she's an outdoors girl!


  1. Love Autumn's dress! I can't believe how much she's changed in just one year. I'm a little emotional about this with my own nieces right now!!

  2. I am so jealous of that gorgeous dress!!!

  3. Love the dress!!! And having just personally witnessed her love of the outdoors, I'm not surprised she wasn't interested in pictures. =)

  4. Like everyone else... I. love. that. dress. It is gorgeous! I had a hard time finding "Dressy" dresses for Clara, but I found one that looked like Easter for only $2. :) Autumn is adorable. I can't wait to meet her this summer!