Dinner and a Movie

Friday night I watched my sisters boys while she went to a party. Autumn was happy for the company! My sister brought us pizza for dinner, which Autumn loves. She's recently discovered ketchup and dipping sauces so when she saw the boys bust out the ranch dressing for their pizza she wanted to give it a try as well.

Then we put on a movie for the boys, Get Smart with Steve Carrell. The boys really enjoyed it, but Autumn only got to watch a few minutes before her 7:30 bedtime. Still, she loved sitting with the boys and snuggling up on the couch.


  1. The boys love to be with Autumn! We love her coming over and makes us feel good when she makes a run for our car when we open the doors....or that she stands at the door looking out at us and cries when she doesn't get to come. Makes us feel good!!

  2. Autumn really has the best of it all. Right now, she's an only child, and she'll eventually be the oldest child. But with Jodi's boys, she also gets all the benefits of being the youngest child, too! She lacks nothing! =)

  3. Oh yeah, and I'm going to have to tease Jodi...what's this about Autumn's anguish making them feel good?? =) hee hee