Spring Break

This past week I spent very little time at my house. Aside from sleeping, I spent most of my time at my parents house with my brother Jason and his family that had driven up from Charlotte, North Carolina for their Spring Break. It coincided with my sister and her 3 boys as well as my brother Joel from Maryland. It was a lot of late nights, play dates with the kids, family dinners, and lots of laughs. First and foremost I am grateful for my hubby who after dinner quite a few nights took Autumn home and put her to bed so I could hangout well into the night with my fam!

The weather was great at the beginning of the week. It was great to get all the kids outside (including Autumn) and let them run wild while the grown-ups relaxed inside. Notice Adam's goofy looking Chevy rental.

Autumn was so spoiled this week! She had a lot of extra cousins to gush over her and give her lots of attention.

Cute Alyssa, taking a break from all the running.

Proof Autumn runs, not walks. She had no problem keeping up with the big kids.

Kelli's Salon was open for business! I gave my sister in law Karen blond highlights and gave all three of her kids haircuts.

So this picture was a test for lighting to take pictures of myself and my mom, but I rather liked it.

In addition to it being Spring break and Easter weekend, we also celebrated my Mom's birthday and Autumn's half birthday! Friday was a big day - the Easter Egg hunt, a big family dinner and a party for my mom. My mom hates being in pictures but I was happy she obliged when I asked her to take some with me!

Three generations!

Autumn's Aunt Karen was so impressed with just how still Autumn gets when Play With Me Sesame comes on. It was already past Autumn's bedtime. Normally Autumn is so on the go and is always wiggling out of your grasp, so she soaked in snuggly Autumn!

Ah, the filling of the eggs for the big hunt. Autumn loved the eggs and was even more excited when she learned there was candy inside. She was a good helper - and candy sampler.

Sadly my brother Jared and his family couldn't make the drive from Ohio, as their Spring Break was a week or two before the rest of the bunch. So, this is all the cousins minus 4 and baby Luke, who was sleeping!

And we're off!

There was a designated area for the younger kids in the group. As you can see, Autumn's weren't too hard to spot. =) Once she got the idea she was quick to stock up her Elmo bucket.

It was a great week! We ended it by having a big Easter dinner with my brother Joel and his family. I just love being with family as much as possible. However, after all the noise and commotion with so many excited cousins at one time I am looking forward to a few nights at home this week.

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  1. It was a great week, wasn't it? It was pretty painful getting up for school again this morning. =)