This one's for you Jode...

My sister has been giving me a really hard time that I've already made a post about my brothers birthday and his was AFTER hers. Not wanting to further send her into a bout of depression, here is her long awaited birthday post!

My sweet sister celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago. On Jodi's actual birthday, the 27th, Adam, Autumn and I went out to lunch with Jodi and the boys at one of our favorite local diners. It was a snow-day so it was fun to hangout with the boys as well. Autumn made sure to give Jodi lots of birthday attention - and the fountain in the restauraunt.

A few days later we had a formal celebration at my parents house. As you saw in my previous post we spent the day sledding together and having a delicious dinner. Jodi requested her favorite meal, chicken and dumplings. Autumn helped with the mashed potatoes:

After dinner we had "mudd" for dessert and opened presents. Jodi seemed to get lots of things she could use (Lowes cards) and things she had wanted (a jewelry box). I am planning to take her up to Mike's American Grill in Springfield to get some of the best calamari I have ever had, but we're still working out all the details.

After the par-tay and before we were about to leave I had my Dad snap a few shots of me and the birthday girl. I think the last picture Jodi and I took together was about 11 years ago and that just won't do. So here we are, the original Mattingley broads:

I never realized just how much we do look alike since I've never seen a side-by-side picture of us together. I think this calls for additional photo shoots of the original Mattingley kids and for sure a picture of all additional Mattingley women, Adam, and the grandkids! It's been too many years since we took a proper family picture as well.

Over affection creates "laughy-smiles", my favorite. =)

Happy Birthday Jodi! I love you! 


  1. Ahh..thanks! Now I can stop crying myself to sleep at night! Hahaha

  2. I don't know - now Jason might be jealous that his post only had one picture, and Jodi's is a whole spread. Hers might have come later, but it's obvious she's your favorite. =)

    I concur on needing an updated Mattingley family picture. It would be fun to do a big photo shoot with all kinds of shots - everyone together, your parents and all the grandkids, etc. Like you do for our individual families, just on a bigger scale. You pick the color scheme and let us know. =)

  3. Happy Birthday Jodi! You both are looking hot - Kelli, I'm eyeing you to come take some picts for me this spring! I'll keep in touch!

  4. That was such a cute post. Happy Birthday Jodi!

  5. Mike's American is my favorite!! So good, enjoy!