Sledding Part Deux

A few days after our first attempt at sledding, my sister and I both took our kids over to my parents house so we could all sled together. Instead of the mini-hill in my parents front yard, we went on the hill behind the neighbors homes next door. Autumn LOVED it.

You can see in the video where I almost wipe out, almost sled into some trees... instead I manage to brake but lose both shoes in the process. The snow was packed down and icy so we gained a lot of speed - it was scary having Autumn on my lap! A few times we came within a few feet of swimming in the creek.

It was a great time with the boys, my sister, my little fam and my parents. I don't know how I did it for hours though as a kid - 2 or 3 times up and down that hill and I was pooped! Not to mention the 22 pound marshmallow I was toting up behind me in a sled. =) Special thanks to my friend Maria who answered my Facebook plea for a snowsuit! Doesn't Autumn look so cute?


  1. The clip of you losing your shoes is definitely my favorite. =) Love watching Autumn's face as she's coming down the hill. So wish we could've been there!

  2. So fun! Great memories made with family!! :) Love the one of you & Autumn flying down the hill!