Dear Autumn

Bed head, breakfast crumbs, and runny nose aside - pretty much perfection.

Dear Autumn,

My sweet little girl - even if I wrote you a letter every week to detail how many changes you've made or how many new things you have learned I would never be able to keep up. You're constantly evolving before our eyes and I'm worried I will never be able to remember everything you do that makes us laugh until we cry.
  • You talk a mile a minute - that may be a new phrase for you, so let me say plainly that you talk CONSTANTLY. Do you make any sense? No, not really. In just the past week or two Dad and I have started to faintly hear our names being mumbled in your long running sentences but that may just be because we really, really want to hear it. While you don't quite have any words, you are signing the important things we need to know - "eat", "drink", "more", and "all done". You'd probably know a handful of other signs if your mom knew any more...
  • You are so coordinated and smart! You can sit with grandpa for hours and put the plastic shapes back into the container in their coordinating whole. Your hand and eye coordination is so impressive - so much so that you've mastered plugging in the Christmas tree lights all by yourself. Something grandpa is currently not very happy with Mom and Dad about. Opps. Your coordination shines through when just a few weeks ago you managed to grab the spoon out of my hands, dish out some apple sauce and feed yourself over and over again. Since then you refuse to be fed by anyone but you!
  • love the way you dance! You love to shake your little hips back and forth, even if you're stark naked in the bathtub dripping wet and there is no music. Anytime you hear applause on the TV you run in, offering your cheers and clapping as well. I just love the resulting smile on your face.
  • Two words: Blues Clues. You've never been one to sit and watch TV. You could care less. That was before you met Steve and his little blue dog appropriately named Blue. You are engrossed in the TV when we turn it on. Despite only having 1 episode on the DVR for a few weeks you were happy to watch Steve guess what Blue wanted to build over, and over, and over again. I'm not complaining - at long last you "cuddle" on the couch with me. You're always running a mile a minute so I enjoy the 28 minutes I have you contented in my lap. 
  • You love your soda. If a soda can finds its way into your line of sight you run over to it, point and sign "drink". It's such a complex for your Dad and I - so proud of your signing... but really not wanting to feed your addiction.
  • Your love affair with Ernie is going strong. You prefer him to your stuffed Big Bird and soft pig. Long after I've gotten you up for the day you run back upstairs only to return with Ernie in toe. Unfortunately for Ernie, sometimes he isn't quite positioned right and I find his poor head lodged in your crib slats. No matter how hard you pulled, you couldn't quite free him.
  • Whether it's cleaning a mirror, vacuuming the rug, or emptying the dishwasher, you love to mimic everything I do and follow along. You love "helping" mommy do her makeup and put on whatever clothes you find. Also a total girly girl, if it's round it WILL be fashioned as a necklace.

Autumn, there simply just aren't enough bullets to catalog everything you do that makes me smile. Thank you for giving me new reasons everyday to be on my toes and remember just how fun and new "everyday" things are to you. I love you!!



  1. Seriously, Kelli...She is so cute!

  2. What a little cutie! Rachel does those girly things too (make-up, necklaces, etc). I hope it lasts!

    ps. The sign for "please" is rubbing your hand in a circle in the middle of your chest.

    Baby sign is the best!

  3. Whats the sign for "No" Cause i know she doesn't understand that in English.

  4. So cute! It's been too long since we've seen her!! Thinking about Blue's Clues brings back so many memories. Sat thru a few of those shows myself. =)

  5. I remember Jordan and his love for Blues Clues. It brings back memories for me too sitting and watching it! We only like Steve though - I can't stand the other guy.

  6. The sign for "no" is putting your ring and middle finger together, and then touching them both to your thumb.

    And yeah, Joe sucks! :)