Who would have thought screws were so important?

It seemed as if I had unpacked every single office box and still I could not find the screws needed to reassemble our shelves. You would think the smart thing to do would have been to place them in the box with the shelves, but where's the fun in that? I had my reasons, let us leave it at that.

The shelves, however, needed a little makeover as they no longer matched the room they were being placed in. The Ikea shelves come only in a grayish color and white, not black. In order for them to match my $40 Craigslist Entertainment Center, I needed to spray them. Using Rust-oleum Textured Paint in Black (♥), I went to town!

I cleaned the shelves (being in storage a year made them a bit dusty...), dried them off and I used a medium grit sandpaper to rough up the surface of the shelves a bit. I wiped off excess debris and focused on getting even coats. Each coat took me about 5 minutes and I did two shelves. I love spray paint...

I let them dry for an hour or two and brought them inside and placed them in the living room. I was finally able to unpack the books, some frames and other knick knacks. The baskets on the bottom shelves hold our Wii supplies and Xbox accessories. Somehow we ended up with six 360 controllers - which seems odd as I am almost certain the max number of players on any given game is 4. I could be wrong.

There you have it. The temporary final product. For less than $100, I have what I consider a fairly inexpensive version of a popular stylish entertainment setup. What we lack in expensive furniture we make up for with our Blu-Ray and Bose system. =)

My design aesthetic really had changed over this past year, but right now I have to make due with what I have. Mainly for an obvious lack of money but more importantly I just need to get unpacked! I think I need to make a trip to the dump to clear out all the junk I've accumulated from unpacking. We're making progress though, so that's what counts!

*Disclaimer: Camera phone saves the day! One of these days I will remember to take my camera over to the new house.


  1. I love see the progress you're making on your house. I actually saw a shot of your kitchen island counter in another craft blog I read the other day. Great job with everything.

  2. Thanks Amanda! I love checking up on your crafting as well. I would have never guessed you were so DIY sauvvy when we worked together! :)

    I'm also SUPER jealous of your vinyl cutter!

  3. Peter would LOVE to take those extra controllers off your hands, I'm sure! :)

  4. It looks great, Kelli!! Never would've guessed less than $100 either.

    Just think of those extra controllers as part of your emergency preparedness efforts. =)