Autumn Photo Post!

We've been making a lot of headway on unpacking our house. I still have so many projects that I want to do, but unfortunately they'll have to wait until all the mess is put away. I have been so frustrated because I haven't been able to find the bag of screws (putting them in the two boxes with the pieces of the shelves would have been too easy, obviously) for my living room shelves which leaves a lot of boxes left unpacked. I had a light bulb moment last night of what box they could be in - I can't wait to head over and see if I am right! If I've been locked up in the looney bin next time you hear from me, I didn't find them.

Just a few photos from Spring break while we were sitting outside, waiting for the cousins to arrive. She loves being outside!


  1. cute pics! Good luck with making your new house feel like home.

  2. Still the cutest baby ever! And after spending those few days with her, we love her even more!