Point... and shoot!

I have been asked before what kind of cameras I would recommend for the average photographer - i.e. moms, college students, etc.

Point and shoots are really the way to go unless you have a real love of photography and a good strong arm to lug around an SLR and lenses. "Point and shoot" refers to cameras that don't have removable lenses and a multitude of other manual options. You can use them just as they're named - point, and shoot. No fuss. They're typically lightweight and portable - some the size of a credit card and the width of a piece of candy.

I personally love Canon Point and Shoots. I found a great website for comparison shopping, called Become.com. When you search for Canon products it brings up all of their available models, each with a list of resellers for comparison shopping and pricing. Each of the sellers are reviewed (I like to know I am buying from a reputable source - in additional to smaller sites they feature Wal-mart, Crutchfield, Radioshack, Staples, etc.). You can select all the features that are important to you - megapixels (6mp-8mp will get the job done for enlargements up to 10x13), zoom (optical > digital), and of course, price. You can even have the website email you when the price of a favorite camera drops!

I am needing to retire and replace my previous Canon Powershot, but I haven't quite yet decided what model to purchase. Luckily they're are so reasonably priced nowadays that with a few sacrifices (goodbye McDonalds and Burger King) we should be able to upgrade soon!

Does anyone have any recommendations? Feel free to link me the model from the website!


  1. Wish I had a recommendation, but I seriously doubt I could impart any camera-based knowledge to you, the queen of photography. =)

  2. I got a canon point and shoot a few months ago and I'm so glad I did. I hated lugging around my d40 to playdates, it was kind of silly.