Spring Break Photo Dump

Here is a photo dump of some random pictures from Spring Break with the family! Spoons is a popular game in the Mattingley family and it is only fitting we teach the younger generation the ways. Here the kids give it a try. Some grasped the concept better than others.

Autumn (not to be confused with the Karate Kid - HIGH YA!) rolled over for the first time over Spring Break - the first time with viewers that is. She was lying on the floor when my Dad starting snapping and pointing. His mouth was full with breakfast, so it took my mom and I a second to figure out what the deal was. Turns out, my baby girl was rolling over. She did it a few more times after this photo was taken. She's so proud of herself! =)

The creek was a huge hit. I remember building forts and clubs down there myself when I was little so I should understand the fascination the kids had with it, but as a "grown up" it was nothing but muddy and hot down in the gully behind my house. The kids somehow found and rigged up this vine and each took turns swinging on it. Only the two oldest kids (and Adam...) could make it all the was across, but it was still fun to swing around and over the creek for the younger, shorter nieces and nephews.

Jayden wasn't all that interested in spoons, ice cream, or preparing for the easter egg hunt. He was passed - out.

My sweetie, soaking up the sun. She photographs a little chubby and heavier than she really is - she surprises most people who hold her. My Dad HATES this headband with great passion. I don't have the same access to the cute big flower headbands I see so many little girls with, so this will have to do. My Dad thinks it's ridiculous and that she looks like a Christmas present. I'd take her over a new remote controlled car anyday!


  1. What?? No picture of the highlight session? =)

  2. Cute pics! Tell your Dad to get with the program! Those huge headbands are all the rage. Plus, Autumn looks SO cute in them! If you want some of the flower ones, let me know--they are super easy to make.

  3. Love the pics! Autumn is just gorgeous, and I'm excited she started rolling over! Soon she'll be crawling, and getting into everything:) I would love to get you a big flower if you tell me what color you want! There are tons at The Quilted Bear in Provo.

  4. My nephew was the only one who has any photos. So I look forward to a post on your blog! :)

  5. I would love some headbands Chelsey! I wish I would have known that A) I was having a girl and B) bought some while I was still in Utah. I saw them everywhere out there!