Brody's Soccer Debut

After years of dutifully keeping up this blog, I finally fell into the blog abyss as so many others have before me. My goal was to get everything caught up before posting current happenings, but if that was to be my method it would only fall deeper into despair! So, instead of falling even further behind I plan to do my best to keep up with items as they happen and back date older entries as I can. My blog is such an important tool when it comes to my yearly scrapbooks!

This morning was Brody's soccer debut! Yes, debut, even though this was not his first game. A few weeks ago he had a scheduled game, showed up, and then promptly sat in the field with his arms crossed. Not having it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend his first game since I was working and my fear came true. Nana was trying to help, Grandpa, Adam, Jodi and even the cousins. In the end, Aunt Jodi felt like maybe that was where the issue lay - too many cooks! Too many grown ups telling him to get out there!

After spring break and canceled games due to weather, this was his second game. He's been working at practice towards earning his Power Rangers Voltron toy. That, combined with a healthy dose of prep work the night before, I was confident I could get him out on the field. 

This morning, he completely exceeded my expectations! We started by warming up with some passing back and forth, which turned into passing back and forth with his team, and eventually he was there for the opening kick off. This kid not only participated, but he played almost the entire game! And in crazy heat! The high today was 94 degrees! He held his own and even scored a goal! He had a few fantastic drives down the field and looking like he was going to really sink the ball in the goal. Eventually one did connect and he was pumped. 

I was so proud of him! We left the game completely soaked in sweat and headed to McDonalds for celebratory milkshakes, but we couldn't go without first taking a picture next to an "original Bumblebee" (before he becomes a brand new Camaro model in the movie) in the parking lot. 


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