Easter 2016

Easter, like most holidays, is more and more fun each year as the kids get older and you can see their excitement. The day before Easter is when our Easter bunny comes with goodies, and then we spend Sunday thinking about the Savior and wearing our Sunday best. 

Autumn left a note and gifts for the Easter Bunny, just as she had for Santa a few years before. I just loved her sweet little drawing!

I normally don't go this overboard for Easter. At all. But we had gotten some really good deals on the Legos and Dinosaur toy for Brody. I think both were on clearance. Instead of holding onto them for a later holiday, Adam thought we should just go ahead and put them all together. The kids were very excited, needless to say, when they woke up Saturday morning!

Our hunts are usually pretty lame - this is probably my least favorite Easter activity. I don't know that we ever end up with the eggs we originally set out. The kids seems to be sad when the eggs are all found, or when they find one that isn't their color. But - year after year they continue to ask. It was over in all of 30 seconds, but memories were made regardless!

Sunday morning, Brody looked so handsome but unfortunately was not feeling well. He left after being in Sacrament at church for just a few minutes. He was a ticking time bomb, so he and Adam left and his sad, sad portrait is all I have to remember his studly little suit! Autumn picked out and chose her dress this year, and though we were a man down, our family was dressed to impress!


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