A Little Setback

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If you've been following me on other forms of social media, you'll know that unfortunately it wasn't "just 4 weeks" after all. At our appointment on April 1st, we found out that Brody would need another 2 weeks in his cast. I should have known better, it being April Fools and all..

When we arrived at the office, we got follow up x-rays and the radiologist said everything looked great, "oh yeah, this is comin' off" and we sat and waited for the doctor. The nurse was also telling us all about cast removal, and we were so excited!

Then, things went south when the Doctor showed up. There was no greeting or real conversation. Everything was kind of done in a "drive by fashion" and she seemed to speak more aloud than actually to me. That's when she began saying that he was still shy of 6 weeks - despite her telling me at his appointment 4 weeks was all that he would need, even after I questioned her. Of course things can change and perhaps he didn't improve as well as she'd like, sure. While I was incredibly disappointed the cast would not be coming off that day, the poor bedside manner and communication is what really just made the whole situation stink. I got the impression the doctor thought I was the one getting ahead of myself - I would have never come at 4 weeks if she hadn't said to do so. I knew there was always the possibility it wouldn't come off that day, but the situation had just turned sour so quickly. We never even received a true confirmation it wouldn't be coming off until we were placed in another room and the nurse came in to add more cushion, and not remove the cast.

I think Autumn, bless her 5 year old heart, said aloud what the whole room was thinking when she found out his cast wasn't coming off - "Well then why did we even come here?"

Amen Autumn. Amen.

We left, making an appointment for 2 weeks later. We spent half the day going to the doctor, and we all left a little defeated, even knowing that it was for the best if he wasn't ready. On the way home I took everyone to lunch at Chick-Fil-A. While we ordered, the cashier told us that they were giving away free Frozen Lemonades and if we would like some. I said, "Is this an April Fools joke....?" He laughed, and I said we'd love some! They asked how many were in our car, and we got 4 FREE Frozen Lemonades! It certainly made the day a little brighter!

Going into our last few days with the cast... hopefully, I just don't want to go into it with any expectations. It's hard to believe the cast will ever come off and to think about what could lie ahead for us! Fingers crossed.

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  1. This is so sad!!! I hate it when doctors act like that. How disappointing.