Autumn's 5th Birthday

I can't believe my little girl is 5! The older she gets, the more and more she looks forward to her big day. We celebrated her birthday on a Sunday night, a few days before her actual birthday. We had the family over for dinner, cake and presents. Once again, my awesome friend Liz made Autumn's cake. I had so much going on the weekend before her big day, that I love passing this task off as well as having it done better than I could ever do!

The day of her birthday, was a Tuesday and a school day! Once again we extended our family tradition of a Krispy Kreme in bed. I even convinced her to let me do sponge curlers the night before and we dressed her up for her big day. Of all the things she wanted for her birthday, she wanted a 2 foot tall Halloween Hello Kitty that we'd seen at Walmart a few weeks earlier. She was ecstatic to get it and hasn't put her down since! 

At school, they have a birthday flag on the classroom door for the big day. I took in a bunch of cookies for snack, and she got to wear a Birthday Crown as well. For fun, I picked her up from school holding 5 balloons. She loved it! After picking her up from school, we went to Burger King for lunch and had a picnic outside. It was a great day for her and it was so much fun to treat her to a special day.

And for good measure, a quick video of her birthday celebration:

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