The Beach: Part Deux

Just a week ago we returned home from another great week in the Outer Banks. By far not our favorite house that we've rented to date, it did have a great pool and a great location. My room was cozy and Brody fit perfectly in the closet!

What kind of a house doesn't have a pantry? I had to improvise.

The pool was great, especially since half of the week was red flag (no swimming) due to the tropical storm brewing out in the Atlantic. The water was pretty choppy all week, even when we were allowed in the water. 

Honk! Honk!

Brody was a fish the whole week. In June he could take or leave the pool, and it took a lot of coaxing for him to even get in. This time, however, he would stay out for hours. The best part was that he would really wear himself out, so nap and bedtimes were a breeze. 

This turtle is perfect for a little relation!

No traffic and open roads!

Autumn was also usually worn out by the end of the night. Her falling asleep on the couch happened quite a few times.
 Red Lobster was a bust for my birthday, but I never miss crab legs at my favorite place in Duck, NC. Their crab legs are always so fresh and delicious. I ordered the pound of crab legs right away, didn't even contemplate just getting a half pound. I plowed right through them! Jodi (my sister) was a great date!

Even though we didn't get to swim or spend a lot of time at the beach, we did go over just about every night and hang out. The boys played catch and Autumn dug in the sand. In June, Brody cried when we even got near the beach access path, and while he still wasn't really a fan, he didn't completely shut down when we took him.

The beach bushes along the dunes had TONS of these spiders. They are pretty big and look very intimidating, but they're actually harmless garden spiders. 
One thing we never miss when we go is Duck Donuts!! They're made to order just how you want them and come fresh out of the machine. We got to see it completely start to finish one night, from mixing the ingredients, pouring it into the canister and plopping them into the oil and along the belt. I personally LOVE the peanut butter ones. The vanilla donuts taste just like a funnel cake.  My Dad always gets his lemon and strawberry ones topped with cocunut and my mom never misses the peanut and chocolate!

Autumn and this little girl dressed as Elsa became fast friends. No, really. They started commenting about each other's outfits (Autumn was wearing a Frozen shirt) and introduced each other. It was so cute!

While we're at the beach in August, we celebrate both Diego and Anthony's birthdays. After dinner one night we went crabbing at the sound which was a short walk away. We caught quite a few crabs and got to watch the gorgeous sunset while we waiting for our lines to get a bite!

We did make it over to the beach eventually, but each trip was usually short lived. 

Brody was doing great for a little while and even gave my lap a break for a while. I went to the water to cool off for just a second and Brody did not approve. 

Sadly, this is how Brody spent most of his day at the beach. He wouldn't stop crying or moaning unless my face was completely covering his eyes and head. He had a death grip on me!

Autumn, giving herself a very thorough rinse after the beach...

There were a few afternoons where Brody would fall asleep while I was getting dressed or picking up in our room. Such a sweet boy!

It as another great week at the beach!