Swim Lessons!

Autumn started swimming lessons last week and it was a HUGE success. She loves the water and with as much time as we spend at the pool each summer and our annual beach vacations, I thought it a good idea. Especially since soccer is going so well... 

I did a lot of research about where to enroll her. I am a faithful Yelp user, and SwimKids had by far the best reviews. The local rec centers just didn't compare. Sure, they were a lot cheaper, but after talking to a lot of friends about their experiences, the rave reviews about SwimKids from them helped seal the deal. When a time slot became available in the early afternoon class I knew it was meant to be! 

Her first class was just her and one other little boy. I loved that! She had so much one on one instruction right off the bat. I was able to sit just a few feet away comfortably behind glass and Brody played in the kids area just behind me. I love that the center is solely devoted to swimming. 

Autumn graduated two levels on her very first class! Not too shabby! When the children graduate a swim level, they stand up on this little platform and get to ring a bell, and everyone claps. It's pretty cute! Autumn graduated again during her second class, and she keeps asking when she can go back. She loves it! With preschool just about ready to end, I might add another day of swimming to our schedule!

After finishing her class, because she graduated she got to choose a prize from the treasure box and then gets stamps on her hands after every class. Overall, I was so incredibly impressed with the facilities, the program, the teachers, etc. I am so happy with my decision and it is every bit worth the extra cost!

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