Soccer Update

This past weekend, Autumn had her second soccer game that we were able to attend. Since her first game was such a disaster and her second practice included absolutely no actual soccer playing, I went into it hoping for the best but expecting very little. I wondered if I was just making a lot more work for myself by insisting she stick with it, but the second game was much more promising! 

We made a deal before the game that if she played she could "play with Aunt Jodi's new dog" and sleep over at Nana's. She told me she didn't want anyone to look at her, and I tried to tell her that nobody else is looking at her, that they're looking at their little boys and little girls. She was in good spirits when we left and when the game started. At first she was resistant to getting out there, but with some encouragement she eventually made it out. It seemed so much less chaotic as a whole event this time, so perhaps that helped. 

She ran off the field the first time I tried to get her out to kick the ball, but Adam was able to help her get out there and "touch the ball once", which was the quota that needed to be met to spend the day with Nana and the boys (along with no screaming or hitting). Sure, Adam had to physically pick her up and make her kick the ball, but it worked!

The other coach for the opposing team was incredibly understanding. He's the one that encouraged us to pick her up, as his biggest desire is just for the kids to be out on the field and touch the ball. At one point Adam even let go and Autumn was playing all on her own, happily, for all of 5 seconds before she realized Adam wasn't holding her anymore. It was a huge step for her!

This game we were in charge of the team snack, and Autumn was happy and eager to help disperse the treats when it was time. That, and she liked snacking on the sidelines when she wasn't needed in the game.

After her game, we went down to the turf field to find Christian who had just finished his game. She ran and gave him a big hug! I think she liked seeing she was a soccer player just like her cousin! All in all, it was a great game. She did better and with baby steps I think she'll "get there". I'm glad I'm making her stick with it and who knows, maybe next year she'll ask to play all on her own!

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