Memorial Day

We had a great Memorial Day, an amazing way to start welcoming summer. We spent the day at my brother's house in Leesburg. They have a huge property with lots of room for all the cousins to run around and my brother and his wife Chelsey always put out a good spread.

The kids started out with a huge slip and slide in the front yard, old school style using painting drop cloths. When we weren't eating delicious hamburgers, all of us (myself included) spent some time jumping on the trampoline, shooting bow and arrows, having water balloon fights, etc. 

It was a blast! Can't wait for another reason and excuse to spend the day up there again!

Autumn didn't quite embrace the running and sliding. It was more of a run, sit, and scoot!

Brody LOVED the trampoline!

We had homemade ice cream for dessert. When Autumn and Claire's were gone, they headed to the source for more - the canister.

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