Spring Soccer

Soccer season has begun! It started so promising, but unfortunately it's kind of up in the air right now... Let me expand. Autumn loved picking out her cleats and getting her uniform for the first time. For her first practice, I even managed to get shorts on her - "special soccer shorts" is what I was pushing to get this skirt wearing girl in something a bit more appropriate for practice. 

I asked my nephew to come give me a hand at practice with Brody in case Autumn got shy or freaked out and needed me. I was pleasantly surprised that she jumped right in with no hesitations. It was so stinking cute to see her practicing and following right along. She was into it and doing really well - until a storm started coming in and it started getting cloudy, dark, windy and cold. At that point she was over it and ready to go home. Overall, I thought it was a huge success and was so excited it went so well. 

Brody doing his part to help manicure the lawns.

This was Red Light/Green Light/Dance Party. Autumn was all about the dancing.

The very next day was her first soccer game. This... did not go so well. But first, look at how stinking cute she is. From her matching cleats to the perfectly lime bow I found for her pony tail, she deserved a trophy for her style alone.

As soon as we got to the field, she started becoming more reserved. When I got out onto the field and kicked the ball around with her, she eased and was fine, happily playing. When it came time to get started, she shut down. We thought using her ball would be the solution, but even that, she does not like being the center of attention. After my mom always griped about the parents on the field holding the kids hand, I swore I'd never be that mom - but I totally was. I tried everything to get Autumn into it or to encourage her, but she just wanted nothing to do with it.

Grandpa even gave it a try. We thought we could bribe her with candy, staying at the park, playing with the boys... anything would work, and for a second I thought it almost would. Until she switched fields (they separate the team in two games so they get to play and touch the ball more) and we were no longer using her ball. You'd think she was allergic to yellow and white, because she refused to kick the ball despite my asking that all she do is just touch it once.

It was frustrating for me, because as a mom I feel like it's my fault. My fault she's not more confident or outgoing. I know that's silly and her personality is her personality, but I was bumming hard the rest of the day.

Her next practice did not go as well as the first. She finally met her real coach, but she was just like she was at the game. She refused to play and participate unless it was just her and I kicking the ball around. When she needed a bathroom break she told me that she only wanted me to watch her, nobody else. Kind of difficult in a team sport... So, while she didn't participate in practice, we went. And we will continue to go, even if all she does and sit. We'll go to every game, even if she just goes and sits. I want her to follow through and in the end if she never comes around and if soccer isn't for her, then we will try something else or try again in the future. 

Fingers crossed!

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