31 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8 and Day 9

Day 8: What's in your handbag

I would take a picture, but it's so gross I won't. I have about 50 million receipts (business expenses I haven't yet added to the book keeping, fast food, trips to Target, you name it). Ritz cracker crumbs (I keep a pack in my bag for me or for the kids when we're on the go), lip gloss, my wallet, my phone, a sock - a lone sock for Brody. Bobby pins, a hair thing for Autumn, loose change. Diapers and wipes.

Day 9: What are your worst habits?

  • Opening cupboard doors and not closing them. 
  • Leaving cups everywhere. 
  • Not finishing my cans of soda. 
  • Eating fast food. 
  • Losing my keys, because I never put them on the key hook. 
  • I have a horrible memory now that I've had kids. I can't remember small tasks.

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  1. You are probably sick of my comments by now but I do the exact same thing with the cupboards. The sad thing, I didn't even realize that I did it (I would just mindlessly close them when I was in the area again)until my mom pointed it out when I visited last. She followed me around the kitchen for several minutes (closing every single one I opened) until she came to her conclusion. I so do it!