The Last of Autumn's Birthday

These pictures round out the last bit of celebration surrounding Autumn's birthday. We had a small party for her on her birthday. Nothing super crazy. The boys decorated my mom's house for Autumn, with balloons, streamers and party hats. She still asks occasionally if it's her birthday today =)

For Autumn's birthday I ordered a cake from my friend's bakery so that I didn't have to worry or stress about making one. It's been a really busy past few weeks work-wise, so I was so glad to have this job taken care of. She did an AMAZING job and I was so excited for Autumn to see her very special Lalaloopsy cake!

Autumn's favorite food are "chickens", so we decided to step it up and get gourmet chicken. Love Popeyes! YUM.

Autumn was spoiled rotten for her birthday! She got so many great things. The boys even went to the Dollar Store and picked things out for her. They got her some really great, thoughtful gifts. She loves her cousins.

I've been holding onto this Lalaloopsy doll since August - which is a big deal, but I get so excited about gifts that I want to give them right away. (For example, I've already given my mom her Christmas present. Opps.) I found this doll on clearance, and Autumn was very excited about it!

Autumn wasn't the only one getting presents! My Aunt gave Brody a bunch of little cars and he got right to driving them around. It doesn't matter the size of the truck - big or small - he loves to push and drive them around on all fours!

My mom's big gift was a little girl jewelry box. Apparently it is just like cousin Julia's.

Autumn has wanted this Doc McStuffins set for months. Everytime we saw it at Costco or BJs she wanted it as her "special treat". Well, my "special treats" are usually candy bars that are 50 cents, not $20 toys. As you can imagine, it was a big hit!

The boys got right to work helping Autumn unpack her toys. We left with big bag fulls of toys and cake. It was a great birthday for Autumn, even if she was a little bit of a terror most of the day. Little stinker!

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