NC Aquarium

We just got back from another amazing week in the Outer Banks! It really is our home away from home. Adam even remarked on how impressed he was that I knew all the back roads and different ways to get everywhere. Just like a local! And yes - I said Adam. He drove four hours all on his own to surprise me down at the beach! I was so grateful to have him and have his help with the kids. Last year on my own was a little bit different (and easier) seeing as how Brody was all of 3 weeks old and pretty immobile. This year he's constantly on the go, so there was no way I would have attempted the NC Aquarium in Manteo without his help!

We kind of crashed my sister Jodi's trip out with her boys on an otherwise overcast and humid day. The aquarium itself was pretty underwhelming, but it was a way to get out of the house and do something new.

The highlight of the aquarium is the touching tank or whatever it was called. The kids could feel the sting rays and crabs in another area. It was pretty neat to get to touch them. They were pretty slimy!

I tried bribing Autumn with coins for the fountain if she smiled...

...when she threw those coins in, she turned to me and said, "Momma, take my picture again. I need more coins."

What a stud.

I still can't believe he drove FOUR hours to surprise us at the beach! I married a keeper!

I still haven't been able to get some proper 1 year photos of Brody yet. He's a tough one to keep stationary. Trying to get a few pics of him on the dock at the aquarium was no exception! 

After the aquarium we all went out to Big Al's Diner. The food itself wasn't bad, but a 20+ minute wait and starving kids made for a very frustrating lunch... More pics to come!

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  1. It's cool to see you in places we've been.

    Love all pictures of Brody, he's just too adorable! That smile!

    I especially love the one of B on Adam's shoulders because they look exactly alike.