Autumn's First Day!!

Today was Autumn's first day of preschool! I was nauseated the whole night leading up to it and the morning of. You'd think it would have been MY first day of school! I was just so nervous and excited for her.

She was so excited and happy this morning! As we waited for the director to open the lobby doors so we can go to her classroom, Autumn immediately connected with a little girl named Maylen that she met at orientation. They were admiring each other's outfits and backpacks when it was time to go to class! They walked together and right into the classroom and she didn't even look back! Maylen helped her find her hook for her backpack. Autumn looked happy, not apprehensive or shy. I didn't really get to say goodbye, but it was probably for the best - pretty sure I would have started sobbing if we'd had a drawn out goodbye!

All I have been doing is dreaming about these 3 hours and what I can do in that time, but today I hardly knew what to do with myself! I ran some errands with Brody and then just found myself counting down until it was time to go get her. 

She was happy and lit up when I saw her! She's still anxious to go back, so it couldn't have been all that bad! 

I asked her how things went, and happened to ask if she made friends or if anyone was mean to her. Our conversation was as follows:

Autumn: Yeah.
Mom: Who was mean to you? A boy or a girl?
Autumn: A boy. He hit me, like this (she hits her head).
Mom: Oh no, why did he do that?
Autumn: He was angry.
Mom: Why was he angry? 
Autumn: Because I went into the pool without my floaties, and I sank.
Mom: Your floaties? The school has a pool?
Autumn: Yeah, he was mad because I went into the pool without my floaties. Then he hit me. But they called the police and now he's in jail.
Mom: Oh. Good.

I'm glad the police handled the situation =) I'm excited for this new stage in our family - Autumn is so grown up and I can't wait to see how she matures this year!

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  1. It was Brycen's first day too! She is adorable and I love the convo!