The National Zoo

On Friday we had our second day of unseasonably cool weather for the end of July. I was trying to figure out what I could do with the kids, but that proves hard since Brody is still getting the hand of walking and needs me to be very hands on. I've wanted to take the kids to the Zoo for a while now, and I tossed around the idea for a while. I texted Jodi that I was thinking about it and she wrote back that she had been thinking the same thing! We decided to ride downtown together and make a day out of it with the kids. 

It had been a few years since I last tagged along with my nieces and nephews to the Zoo. When Adam and I were still two young crazy kids we took a weekend trip to Salt Lake and went to the Hoggle Zoo. It was pretty disappointing. The Hoggle Zoo is expensive to get into and 42 acres, whereas the National Zoo is free and 163 acres. The one thing the Hoggle Zoo had going for itself was that it was mostly flat and not nearly a hike like the National Zoo, which for some strange reason is built on a very large hill... I tried to clock our hike and my phone died around 3 and a half miles and 777 calories. I'd say we easily walked and hiked close to 5 or 6 miles and doubled our calories at the end of the day. 

The Zoo had a petting area that was great for the little ones.

Brody was such a trooper. He is the happiest kid! He was very content just to be pushed around in the stroller all day.

A mid-Zoo snack break.

We waited for the Elephants to come into the indoor habitat, but we gave up and found them outside. 

These misting stations were saviors every so often. Yes, it was cooler than normal, but hiking up the hill and being in the sun definitely made it hot out. 

It was a great trip. I certainly could not have done it very easily on my own so I'm glad it worked out we were able to go with Jodi and the boys. I've been having a lot of anxiety lately with my stomach issues and I feel like I miss out on doing a lot of stuff with the kids, but this was a very easy trip. I was so happy we were able to enjoy one of the perks to living in such an awesome area!


  1. Great minds think alike! We're headed there this Thurs.

  2. IT'S FREE?!

    Love the family photos of you and the kids. So cute.