The Beach - Day 4

Today Adam and I got to go out on the kayak. If I had to choose who I wanted to be stuck with out in the middle of the ocean, I'd choose my dad. Not sure what that says about our relationship, but maybe it really just says something about Adam's paddling skills... Love you honey! We also took Brody to the beach for the first time. It was just so-so for him. It didn't help also that I sprayed sunscreen in one of his eyes right before we left. Squirmy little guy. It was the first day to the beach for both Adam and Brody.

For lunch I manned the grill. I love grilling up for everyone! We did a ton of hot dogs and the adults had yummy hamburgers, all pool side. There's an erie calm that comes over the pool area when everyone is quietly eating and the pool is empty.

I was cooking today, and it was deeeelish. I planned ahead and last night while the kids were in bed I chopped up all the ingredients for my potato salad and brined my meat. Everything came out really yummy. 

After the food settled I went down to the beach with my oldest brother to take their family pictures. They came out really good. I'd helped pick out their clothes and they looked great. 

After pictures I got things ready for funnel cakes while Adam put Brody to bed. They came out pretty good; I had three pans going at a time. Some got a little burnt so I made a few extra, but everyone got one and they were a hit. I asked my teenage nephew "How is it?" and his response was "Better than I thought it'd be." I laughed and went wahoo! That's a compliment in teenager terms and I'll take it!

Autumn took a long, great nap after swimming today and she was in a good mood so we let her stay up and play with the kids. She got tired and came to me around 9:30 ready for bed. We've been snuggling ever since on my bed and when I'm ready for bed I will move her down to her nook on the floor.

Another great day. I think tomorrow Adam and I will sneak away for some kid free alone time and get lunch tomorrow!


  1. So many cute pictures in this post!!

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