Happy Father's Day... to my Husband.

Right before Brody was born, I was worried about how helpful Adam would be with the kids. How he'd be with a brand new baby. You see, when Autumn was born we still hadn't finalized the purchase of our home. Autumn was raised by multiple people for the first 8 months of her life. My Dad always came to her rescue whenever she would cry. Adam stayed up stairs on his computer because really, with so much help, there wasn't much for him to do or an opportunity to get his hands dirty. So, with Brody on the way, I didn't know if I could really count on Adam.

Well, Brody will be a year old in just a few shorts months and the verdict is in: Adam is an awesome Dad.

Was there really any doubt? No. He's definitely the fun parent - the one that has the energy to throw them in the air, show him all his gadgets (look, don't touch) and gives me the break when I need it. For example, I got really sick following our camping trip. I really just needed to sleep and stay in bed. Adam jumped right into help with no complaints, and no making me feel guilty for needing a break. He's been helping me keep up with the house, giving me a break from the kids (whether it's to do something pointless like watch TV by myself or get some wash done), you name it. It only keeps getting better and better.

As a wife I focus a lot of his role as a husband. But, I can't forget about his role as a Dad. He's a great Dad. We're both learning as we go, and while I wish sometimes he was more into camping, going for walks, taking the kids on crazy adventures, there is no shortage of love for his kids and they know it, which is most important.


  1. I always LOVE all your pictures. The moments you catch are always so perfect...and pretty! LOVE them all!

  2. P.S. On my computer, it looks like it says in the first 8 years of Autumn's life. She can't be that old, right?

  3. Opps! Not sure what I meant to say there but she is NOT 8 :)