Once upon a time...

Once upon a time I spray painted my kitchen countertops. Since then, over 59,000 people have viewed that post. 59,000! I feel like I've dooped them all - thinking they've found this amazing little DIY blog that was going to have tons of make overs and inspiring projects. Well, can you believe we didn't win EITHER of the big lotteries that were all a buzz on the news? Yeah, we're pretty bummed to. So, once we finally moved into our house and the cash flow ended, projects have been slow going here at the Brewer household.

I have lots in store. Seeing my brother's new house and what my sister in law has already done to it in such a short amount of time has inspired me again. HGTV is no longer a channel I flip by on my way to Bravo or E! for the latest in celebrity gossip. Yes, my brother's house is about 4 times as big as ours, but I love our house. It's got great bones and is huge for our family. I just need to really pick up the slack and declutter, renovate, paint and make everything more custom and my own.

I dream of a bigger house, sure. But then I think - "I'm going to do all this work to get our house exactly how I want it, I'll call it finished... and then we're going to move? And I'm going to have to start all over?" With that in mind, I'm learning to appreciate just how big and lovely our house is =)

With this new DIY kick in me, I immediately did something I've wanted done for a few months now - I hired painters to come in and paint my upstairs hallway and staircase. We have beautiful tall cathedral ceilings all upstairs. It just wasn't a feasable project to do on our own. I hired the same painters that had just worked on my brother's house and I cannot tell you what a HUGE difference it has made in our house. It seems years newer now. No more tacky builder's grade ivory with cob webs in the corners or scuffs on the wall. And yes, it's a beautiful shade of neutral tan =)

Instagram Picture of the Progress
After my hallway was finished, I was on a painting kick. I'd decided my small bathroom off the family room was the next project. I never painted it when I moved in because after painting the whole house, a small room without obnoxious paint could stay. Now that the room is completely not my style anymore, it was time for a change.

I decided to go dark, because I've already painted all my bedrooms and there would be few other places a huge dark room would work. A dark gray was chosen and I began prepping.

Can I rant for a second? To the previous owners of my house? I can assure you there are much better ways to attach a floating shelf to a wall than GLUE:

Instagram Picture
Oy. Here's to hoping my patch job comes through or I can find a really big picture I want to hang in that bathroom... I've got a mirror picked out (good bye large oval builder's mirror!) and a design scheme in my head for the final product. I'm excited about the changes!

Next up - redoing the walls in my office for a more custom look. Stay tuned.

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