The Pumpkin Patch 2012

This year Autumn and I mixed things up a bit and went to Belvedere Farm in Fredericksburg. It's the pumpkin patch I went to as a kid and I've always preferred it for it's more farm-like atmosphere. I met one of my good friends Karen (and her kids Colin and Laura) there - this summer she moved to the Richmond area, so this was a great meeting point for us to hangout!

The weather was great - it was actually quite toasty by the end of the afternoon! The kids had a great time and I remembered so much of the farm from when I went with my mom. Autumn still talks about the bouncy house! She asks every morning if we can go to the pumpkin patch... I guess that just means this is a tradition will have to keep doing. She seems to look forward to it every year!

Somehow I remember this barn being a lot bigger when I was little... Autumn did her best to swing on the ropes, but she's still a bit on the small side!

She loved this sand area and the kid-friendly corn maze. "This way Momma! This way!" She could have stayed in this area all day but there was so much more to see!

This huge trampoline/bounce pad was a HUGE hit with the kids. It was amazing how much air they could get. At once point this older woman got on it and started acting like a 10 year old, bouncing with glee... but also showing no regard for the little kids underneath her! I'm shocked limbs weren't broken during our short time there.

This was pretty funny... and sad. But at one point the two girls bounced right into each other. They both fell to the ground and cried, holding their heads. It wasn't funny, but neither Karen nor I could stop laughing!


Even Karen and I got in on the action at the request of the kids! Man, that was a work out. Let me tell you! We had the right idea though, taking off our socks. I don't know how the kids around us were staying up with how slippery the surface was!

The thing I love most about this pumpkin patch is that it's a true PUMPKIN PATCH. You take a tractor ride out to the patch and pick your pumpkin on the vine. We went during the early morning hours which are reserved for "the stroller crowd" according to the website and schools. We got to go to the "better patch" with the bigger pumpkins since we weren't with a school. It was a fun ride!

And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to the pumpkin patch without a meltdown as we're leaving. By the end of the afternoon Autumn was exhausted. As I mentioned before it was much hotter than I expected and I think that just really wore Autumn out. She kept whining that she wanted to go to the pumpkin patch (forget that it'd been where we'd just come from, that she wanted to leave) and then she was upset she couldn't get on the buses from the schools.

It didn't take more than 5 minutes for her to completely conk out in the backseat. Good thing she insisted on bringing Dora and her blanket!

Another great year at the pumpkin patch. Here's to attempting it next year with two kids! =)

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