Mount Vernon or BUST!

Unfortunately, it was mostly a bust...

So, I have a season pass to Mount Vernon. Sure, others get season passes to amusement parks, country clubs, pools... I get them to Mount Vernon. For those of you who don't know, Mount Vernon is the historical home of our first President, a Mr. George Washington. I have done a few photoshoots there for clients and it was a worthwhile investment. Plus - little known fact - I'm obsessed with History. I love studying it, reading it, watching movies that take place in the "olden days", etc.

A few weeks ago I thought I would take the kids there to walk around and see the animals on the farm. My Dad had been a few weeks ago in the summer and had said there were a lot of the animals out since I was last there. So, I packed up the kids, my spankin' new double stroller and headed for Mount Vernon, ready for a fun outing with my two kiddos.

Well, on the way there, I realized I didn't bring Autumn's plug. She's regressed a little bit - she now wants it all the time, and especially to calm herself down. She had a BREAK DOWN when I said I didn't have it. So bad, I had to pull over to let her scream it out. The only other plug I had was one of Brody's that he doesn't like and after much convincing, she gave in and took it. 30 seconds later, she says, "I happy now Mamma." Gracious!

When the trip starts like that, you knew it was going to be a good one! Even though the trails at Mount Vernon are somewhat paved, they have a lot of rocks in the pavement which make it rather bumpy. I don't think I've ever seen Brody's eyes get so large. Secondly, Mount Vernon is built on a huge hill. I got QUITE a workout pushing the stroller up the huge hills. Third, animals? What animals? I think we saw 3 chickens, 2 cows/bulls and a goat. Here I'd been, pumping up the animals and that's what we got. I don't blame Autumn for having meltdown #2 when we tried to leave, convinced I hadn't shown her the animals yet.

The trip overall was a bust - it's much more suited to adult visiting or work. Even my pictures were a bust:

Ah well, we tried! =)

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  1. You had me cracking up at the animal part! haha! Maybe a bust but it makes a good story :)