Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

I think you've had a growth spurt over the past few weeks (perhaps that would explain why you've been coming into our room at the butt-crack of dawn, saying you want to eat) but it's crazy how old you suddenly seem. From going into these indepth stories, to use grown up hand gestures to illustrate your point. From taking big girl steps like sleeping on your big girl bed to slowly beginning to potty train.

Before we gush about you, and get your head all inflated, let's talk about your qwerks. Right now, your big thing is "I can't!!!" I try to loosen the mood and get you distracted over screaming this phrase over and over again by asking if your legs are broken, or whatever appendage applies. It's hilarious to watch you totally become sweet and lovely again, showing me that "No mamma, it's not broken. See?"

Everyone says "terrible twos! terrible twos!" but the smarter people have all said how much harder 3 is. I concur, and you're not even 3 yet. 2 weeks to go! You're much more opinionated, you've found your voice - and by that I mean your ear bending scream - and time outs last much longer than they ever have. That being said, your time outs maybe come once or twice a week, never once or twice an hour.

You are so incredibly sweet to your baby brother. I'm often asked about jealousy and I'm still happy to report there isn't any. Well, you don't particularly care for it when I use one of your blankets to cover Brody, but I don't blame you there. If Brody is fussing, I find myself leaving the making of dinner to come comfort him, when I stumble upon you trying to give him his plug. "Look, he's happy now Mamma!" You cheer for him where there are "no poopies!" and are eager to help by grabbing me a diaper, a burp cloth, or a hug for your brother.

You're still living off a diet of oatmeal (still affectionately called "nilk") and chicken nuggets. Occasionally I'm able to throw in some oranges, grapes and additional treats. Oh, pancakes - you still love pancakes and french toast for breakfast! You're not much of a snacker, but you do love fruit snacks, Cheez-its and other crackers. Most of the time you're too on the go to worry about eating!

You're my best friend. You love being my shadow - from doing the laundry (you love dumping the soap into the water and tossing the clothes into the wash), going to the store (you love loading the items on the belt - heaven help me if I load it on without you), doing your nails (you come and find me when your nail polish has rubbed off), etc.

You love my Little Ponies. They are your toy of choice. Unfortunately I used them as a bribing tool for potty training. Now, every time you pee, you ask for a pony. Aunt Karen was right - I should have started out with candy, stickers, or something not $5 a pop. Lesson learned.

Your favorite TV show right now is Max and Ruby. Sadly, Peppa Pig is not often viewed at our house anymore. You can't stand Blue's Clues, once your favorite show.

Like mother like daughter - your favorite band is Fun. Heaven help whoever is driving you in the car should they not have "Some Nights" and "We are Young" in their CD player. You insist on listening to them on repeat, "very loud Mamma" (or "do loud"), and forget trying to listen to something else. It's hilarious to listen to you sing at the top of your lungs, "Some nights I! Some nights I!" around the house.

You keep us on our toes. Sure, you're more opinionated and make things more interesting than in the past, but you're still amazing. I couldn't ask for a sweet, more polite, more caring and curiously smart kid.