Brody's Blessing

This past weekend was my nephew Christian's baptism and we decided to bless Brody at the same time, to take advantage of family being in town for the event. After Christan's big day, Adam, my Dad, brothers Jason and Joel, and my sister's first counselor in the Bishopric blessed Brody. In the LDS faith we're baptized when we're 8 and as infants we're blessed - a prayer typically given by the father where the baby is named and given a blessing of good health, spiritual comfort, or whatever is inspired.

Something special is that Brody was blessed in the same outfit as all 3 of my brothers - that means the outfit he wore has survived 40 years and 3 other blessings. It fit him perfectly and I was so glad when my mom suggested it and realized she still had it. It went perfectly with the white and blue blanket my mom crocheted for him (pure coincidence).

Unfortunately, as a family of 4, getting a good picture has become even harder. Getting the 2 year old to smile and look at the right camera, making sure we're not caught trying to help her smile when the picture is snapped, trying to make sure Brody isn't a rolly polly in the picture, etc. So, while the pictures aren't the best, we still wanted to remember his special day =)

Autumn loved having the NC cousins in town, even if it was for just 24 hours. She and Courtney had almost matching dresses - we couldn't resist snagging a picture!

After the baptism and blessing, I wanted to try and get a better family shot. They worked about just as good as the first set...

"Um, what's going on over there? Put her dress down."

Well that's worse.


  1. Will you stop being so skinny already!!!

  2. I enjoyed the family pics and witty commentary. Autumn will love the one picture later, I'm sure. =)