37 Weeks

I'm 37 weeks today! I had my weekly "your baby isn't coming anytime soon" appointment - or so I thought. Apparently I am dilated a WHOLE FINGERTIP. Now, to put that into some perspective, you have to be dilated about the size of a bagel before they let you start pushing when you're in labor. So, fingertip to bagel ratio isn't great, BUT I wasn't dilated at all the morning I went in to deliver Autumn, so this is progress! =)

Brody is still sitting up high, so he hasn't dropped or anything fancy. He's head down, and just chillin'. I'm measuring right on time, so all is well!

They don't come any cuter than this.

Autumn accompanied me to the appointment again like usual. She was dressed to the nines, and loves hearing the baby's heartbeat. She sits in the chair just next to the table/bed, and today she stood up and leaning onto the table to "see the baby". She is such a good girl for me at the doctor and loves to come!

We're ready for this baby, whenever he decides to come. His room is ready to go (more on that later) and we have a good little supply of clothes. I've tried to start buying packs of diapers here and there from Target and I've been mentally packing my hospital bag for a while. As long as I have my iPad and iPhone (to tweet play by plays of the whole birth experience again!), a charged camera and video camera, we'll be good to go!

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