Happy Easter!

I started talking about buying an Easter dress for Autumn a few weeks ago, when my mom said, "Don't you have something in her closet for her to wear?" I am sure I gave her a look, because a new Easter dress is tradition! I remember it when I grew up and I certainly wanted to pass it down. Autumn has had a pretty, special dress each Easter thus far.

Luckily my mom hopped on board and found this gorgeous dress for her!


  1. Her hair is adorable :)
    And I love the headband :)

  2. Such a happy, cute girl! Love the dress. I love the "New Dress for Easter" tradition! One of my girlhood faves, for sure.

  3. We're big fans of the new dress for Easter, too. =) Where did your mom get her dress? I'll try to get our pics up soon so you can see, but her dress is almost identical to Court's - just slightly different colors. And Court curled her hair and had a cute headband, too.

    Autumn looks adorable! Love her spiffy new specs, too! Jason thinks they make her look older!

  4. Scott told me the same thing about Emma. Pretty sure a new dress for Easter is a MUST. Autumn looks so cute in her glasses.